The InfiLED ER 2.9 LED is the result of our extended efforts to find a balance between three things; pixel pitch, usability and picture quality. To our knowledge it is the only sub 3mm pixel pitch product that comes in 1000mm high panels, meaning quicker build times, fewer edges where pixels are likely to be physically damaged and fewer mechanical parts and cables to fail. At only 12.5kg per panel the product is very light, which also helps reduce the build time leaving more time to get the content looking correct and to start those crucial technical rehearsals! We also stock 500mm x 500mm panels to enable a more exact overall screen height.

ER series is light and slim and has many creative and user-friendly designs to achieve more convenient and faster installation including fast lock, pre-locks and carry handles. The screen has high protection level with front and back service options for quick and easy mainte­nance. This product is stackable and hangable and can be curved.

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