Interactive Signing Wall

Digital Signing wall

Interactive registration opportunity.

For a global bank opening ceremony we created this interactive signing wall.


Delegates signed a tablet as part of their registration to the event. Then when they were in the main drinks reception area for the event they could see their signature placed on a backdrop on a large LED wall.

The effect was a corporate digital signing wall that retained the organic look of a graffiti wall. It produced an engaging piece which delegates used as a great photo opportunity.


Our media server was setup with a remote access web server interface, meaning that the tablets could remotely login and upload the hand drawn signatures where they were dumped in a folder on the server.

Our in-house specialist programmed a custom piece of interactive software which would then take the signature file, process the colours and then offer live control in order to place the image on the background with controls for scale and rotation. The initial plan was to have the signatures placed automatically, but we found that they became too uniform and having the human element of selecting where they were placed retained the organic look as if they had actually been drawn directly onto the wall.

This was then updated onto a 2.5mm pitch LED wall, giving a high enough resolution to keep the signatures looking crisp

At the end of the event we were left with a completed image which could be sent to the client for use in their post-event documentation and for press.

Use this!

This is a highly adaptable concept. Here are some ideas:

  • Wall of headshots for a party
  • Collaborative art wall
  • Interactive stage set with cartoonist digitally drawing on the surface behind the presenters.

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