Private Party -Summer 2021

A regular client approached us about providing a video -led design for a large marquee party featuring a number of world-famous acts.

With the rise of LED wall technology it is often difficult to find a balance between video and lighting. So often we are asked to provide one huge wall upstage, and while this is visually very stunning, it can create a large void in the overall lighting aesthetic.

To enable us to combat this for this high-spec party we had custom brackets made by our friends courtyard london. This allowed us to add separation between squares of LED panels, in which lighting can be added to truly integrate the two technologies and avoid the ‘ one screen surrounded by lights’ effect we have all seen so often.

We used Disguise d3 designer to provide our client with a pre-visualisation video of the design, with a camera fly-through to really engage and immerse the end-client, which helped clinch the deal.

This camera fly-through was then used as the foundation for the media server programming that would run on our d3 4×2 server on the day, importing files from the acts tour visuals and playing out to timecode.

Here at PR Live we are far more than just an equipment provider. We immerse ourselves in the creative vision of an event and know exactly how to interface our technology with a design to maximise the experience and thus achieve best value for money without compromise.



Client credit @bananasplitevents

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